3 Freaky Reasons Today’s Football Predictions Could Make You Single

Football is undoubtedly the biggest sport in the world and a favorite past time for millions of people across the world. The lives of many men across the globe revolves around football and the sport is like a religion to them. Football predictions from sites like soccer-tips.org are an important feature for fans, especially those who bet their skins off. Here are three freaky reasons football predictions may make a person single.

Firstly, the ability to predict a game does not mean that one can predict the outcome of a relationship. Men should realize that the reaction of a woman cannot projected like a soccer match especially when he is in trouble. The reasoning process of women has been a mystery since the beginning of time. Any attempt to predict your spouse’s reaction to a mistake you have committed is bound to end in failure. If one does this repeatedly, he will end up single.
3 Freaky Reasons Today's Football Predictions Could Make You Single
Secondly, soccer tips are not an exact science. Therefore, one should not pour all of his savings on football bets based on the predictions from a platform like soccer-tips.org. Even though such a website applies highly complex statistics, the results of football matches are never guaranteed. If you risk all of your savings on bets based on soccer predictions, you are sure to end up single.
Lastly, browsing for soccer tips takes up a lot of time. This is time that could be spent with one’s spouse. Add to this the time that is taken by the actual football matches, then it is easy to see how soccer tips could make one single. It is not a secret that women do not like the huge number of hours that men spend watching football. To many of them football predictions are a nuisance and a waste of valuable couple time. A piece of advice to all men, your relationship should take priority over football predictions.